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child of darkness
child of darkness
no light do you know
you've lost your way
now where will you go?
you walk in shadow
alone in the night
how have you wandered
away from the light?
child of darkness
he knows your name
he hasn't forgotten
his love's still the same
heaven is weeping
and he weeps for you
didn't you know
even God cries too?
child of darkness
i see your pain
i've seen invisible
tears fall like rain
my heart is breaking
it's breaking for you
no one should suffer
all that you've been through
child of darkness
please take my hand
let me walk with you
wand'ring this land
where you go, there i'll go
i'll follow wherever
you can't make it alone
but we can together
child of darkness
you're not alone
i'll guide you with my light
till you've found your own
the way may be dark
but i want you to know
i'll never leave you
wherever you go
child of darkness
i'll help you to stand
through the forest of shadows
we'll walk hand in hand
right now it may be
the middle of night
but child of darkness
you'll soo
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Zoe4 by ZoeOfElyon Zoe4 :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 0 attempt 4 by ZoeOfElyon attempt 4 :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 1 attempt 3 by ZoeOfElyon attempt 3 :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 2 attempt 2 by ZoeOfElyon attempt 2 :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 2 attempt 1 by ZoeOfElyon attempt 1 :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 0 Gregg and Rene' by ZoeOfElyon Gregg and Rene' :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 1
variation 2
heart once broken
has been repaired
from the haunting doubts was freed
hope that had died
now where will the future lead?
i don't know where
this road may go
or how long i'll walk alone
instead i trust
the hand of him
to whom is tomorrow known
someday our paths
may intertwine
until then, here i will stand
since he's brought us
safely this far
i will rest here in his hand
no longer
at last came the right time
at last i
saw you
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fallen angel
i'm thinking about what you said
and how i wish i could believe
but i'm not sure you understand
there's more to me than you perceive
you don't know my history
of how i came to be this way
if i'm enslaved, the chains are thick
they won't just vanish in a day
i've travelled down this road before
more times than you might think it seems
and my reward: just empty vows,
a broken heart, and shattered dreams
and i don't want to be like this
but change does not come suddenly
don't stretch me hard or i might break
don't run too fast or i may flee
so reach out to me, help me fly
but don't expect great things from me
my wings are broken, my gown worn
this angel's very human, see
but i'm beginning now to heal
with friends to help me, i can try
so slowly, gently take my hand
and someday soon again i'll fly
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i look back at the mess we made
and what a heavy price we paid
maybe it wasn't worth it
you who i called my friend
why did it have to end?
time to move on
leave it all behind
but how can i let go
when you won't leave my mind?
the words i wish i would have said
whisper and echo in my head
maybe i should forget it
but how can i move on
until the words are gone?
time to go back
leave my fears behind
for i know what i seek
but dread what i may find
will morning bring the cure i need?
some wounds don't heal; they crack and bleed
but i just can't ignore it
i've owed you this a while
i want to reconcile
time to move on
no looking behind
forgiveness i extend
and that i hope to find
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once there was a young girl
who lived as she were dead
her light squelched by darkness
a slave of fear and dread
but she couldn't hide the darkness inside
her name was zoe; this is her story
once there was a young girl
whose spirit bled with pain
her soul was stained with tears
that fell like drops of rain
and she couldn't hide the anguish inside
her name was zoe; this is her story
once there was a young man
who loved me from the start
his death gave me new life
his wounds have healed my heart
when i cry he listens
he's there to hold me tight
he freed me from the darkness
and brought me to the light
and now i can't hide the joy that's inside
my name is zoe; this is my story
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carmina burana by ZoeOfElyon carmina burana :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 1
What has become of the old days,
When ev'rything so simple was,
When all was games and fun and plays?
We did as ev'ry child does
All that was once, is now the past
And nevermore is to repeat
A day comes once and does not last;
Sometimes life is so bittersweet
Gone is the day of our brave quest
When wandered in the desert we
And each one wondered, thought, and guessed
When we'd again each other see
Our story has come to a close
Our journey's done, our quest complete
And though we did vanquish our foes,
The victory is bittersweet
The fellowship is broken now,
And we've all gone our sep'rate ways
And tried to move on, but somehow
We've not forgot the former days
We cannot replay or rewind
Only our memories entreat
And ev'ry time we look behind,
The memories are bittersweet
Gone are the friends we held so dear,
Who carried us through sun and rain
Now who will be our comrade here
To walk with us and share the pain?
All friends part ways and say good-bye,
Sometimes never again to meet
We thi
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Lion Tamer
Defender of truth
Enemy of the lie
Evil beware
For your foe am I
I stand for the right
And tell wrong to scram -
A lion tamer I am
But sometimes it's tough
To answer the call
The lions are big
And I feel so small
What if it's not
What I'm meant to be?
A lion tamer - me?
Taming lions
What a calling
But maybe not one I should call my own
One against many
I'm surrounded
Statnding is hard when you're standing alone
But I can't give up
Truth is worth fighting for
So I won't give in
To this fear anymore
This is my calling
I won't be ashamed
I'm a lion tamer
And the lions must be tamed
I protect the weak
And defend the poor
Those who harm my friends
Are asking for war
Attacking the helpless -
This I defy
A lion tamer am I
But too often power's
A double-edged sword
And I destroy
With the force of a word
I've become that
Which I once fought
A lion tamer I'm not
Taming lions
What a calling
But maybe not one I should call my own
I'm a fighter
Not a tamer
Peacemaking's a skill I can't seem to hone
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tears by ZoeOfElyon tears :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 4 4 ballerina by ZoeOfElyon ballerina :iconzoeofelyon:ZoeOfElyon 0 1


Broken Mountain Wallpaper by Astralinre Broken Mountain Wallpaper :iconastralinre:Astralinre 2 2 Kelistar Finished by Supergurl17 Kelistar Finished :iconsupergurl17:Supergurl17 2 3
yellow tulips
new year's eve, the night is young
and i've never felt so old
while old and wistful songs are sung
i feel my tale is told
take a drink from the liquor cart
drop it to the floor
it shatters, like my aching heart
clean it and bring more
so i stare into the stars above
just thinking of tonight
and yellow tulips for my love
she's leaving at first light
three in the morning, all is still
save my silent tears
because i know you always will
haunt my roving years
quixotic love, but all the same
it's love i bear for you
if i could say your pleasant name
ever loved me, too
maybe i'd praise god above
who set the seas alight
with yellow tulips for my love
who sails away tonight
a cold red light plays on the seas
that bears you hence today
leaving me with haunting memories
of things you'd never say
i love you yet, so fortune's best
when you've forgotten me
may she be kind and grant you rest
more than she's granted me
farewell, my life, my precious dove
please don't forget tonight
the yellow tulips
:iconmaceman:maceman 1 9
love notes you'll never read
you should see what i wrote you
all the pleas and bad poetry
these boring rhymes just won't do
you deserve much more than me
i've been awake far too long
just writing these stupid words
i think i may come on too strong
all this shit is getting absurd
i'm drunk on wine and lack of sleep
writing notes you'll never read
crumple it up, add it to the heap
of love notes you'll never read
so now i'm pouring out my soul
but i'll just throw it away
i'll never reach that simple goal
so why not just give up today?
:iconmaceman:maceman 3 9
half a world away by epiphany half a world away :iconepiphany:epiphany 312 82 Painted Sunrise by Supergurl17 Painted Sunrise :iconsupergurl17:Supergurl17 25 7
five days ago
the warmth hasn't faded
your arms around my neck
we never did get jaded
when you were sick, i cared
let you sleep in my lap
i'd have helped when you're scared
do you know or do you care?
five days ago
you loved me
what happened?
it's just amazing how
so little changed
but still, even now
you've grown so cold
where once was fire
if it grew old
why couldn't i be there?
five days ago
was i cold?
i just melted
now you laugh at someone else
not me anymore
if only you'd known my self
how i felt five days ago
but my insulation is sure
you could never know
if i was hot or cold
five days ago
life was good
i was lost
now i hate to see you smile
now it's not for me
now i hurt for all the while
you don't laugh for me
now i don't dream
now i can finally see
how things really were
five days ago
i didn't understand
at last i knew
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United States
Current Residence: The Circle, somewhere between the Circus and Sapphira
Favourite genre of music: classical/instrumental
Favourite photographer: Cody, Alicia
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Personal Quote: "Keep death and judgement always in your eye. None's fit to live but who is fit to die."
My dad's let me use his old digital camera (HP Photosmart 812) for an indefinite amount of time, probably until I get my own.  In the mean time, I am a photographically-challenged female who can suddenly take pictures to her heart's content.

So two things.

1) I'd like suggestions for what kind of digital camera to look for.  I don't need a really super-awesome one, I'm not going to make a career out of photography, and I'm not the most techology-savvy person on earth.  And I'm a poor college kid.  Suggestions?

2) Any critique or suggestions for improvement are welcome.  I'll be putting up some pictures so you can see how much of a novice I am. ^_^


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